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Rivers, Lakes and Canals

Intermittent stream
Intermittent stream. When referring to a body of water, the term "intermittent" means that the body of water contains water only part of the year. Natural factors such as variations in snowmelt, or human control for industrial or irrigation purposes, can affect water level and flow.
Intermittent river
Intermittent river.
Disappearing stream.
Disappearing stream.
Perennial stream
Perennial stream. Containing water throughout the year except during periods of severe drought.
Perennial river
Perennial river.
Small falls; small rapids
Small falls; small rapids.
Large falls; large rapids
Large falls; large rapids.
Masonry dam
Masonry dam.
Dam with lock
Dam with lock.
Dam carrying road
Dam carrying road.
Perennial lake; Intermittent lake or pond
Perennial lake; intermittent lake or pond.
Dry lake
Dry lake.
Narrow wash
Narrow wash. The term "wash" refers to the sweep or flow of a body of water.
Wide wash
Wide wash.
Canal, flume, or aqueduct with lock
Canal, flume, or aqueduct with lock.
Elevated acqueduct, flume or conduit
Elevated acqueduct, flume or conduit.
Aqueduct tunnel
Aqueduct tunnel.
Well or spring; spring or seep
Well or spring; spring or seep.